Thank You Jane for helping me with my self-confidence and low self-esteem. RTT is an amazingly powerful, cut to the chase type of therapy, that accesses the subconscious to reveal why and when I formed self-deprecating thoughts and beliefs about myself. I have been going through a really hard time of self-doubt since I immigrated to Australia from America.

Jane helped me see where this self-doubt originated from and eradicated those thoughts and helped me integrate loving and supportive thoughts instead. I feel lighter, free of old baggage and confident to move forward in my life, yes even excited, where last week I felt dread!!

Now to continue with the 21 day reprogramming.


Thank you Jane for a fabulous rtt session. Every time I listen to my recording which is almost every day I notice more how thoughtful and insightful your words are. Thank you for making it easy to share my stuff .

You are very kind and caring throughout the whole process, before and after the session yet being very professional. I hear you voice throughout the day guiding my thoughts in the right direction and your encouragement compelling to make the progress I’ve only dreamed about.

I’m managing to change really old thought patterns and have a self confidence I thought was not available to me.

Thanks again.


Hi Jane,

Thank you again for today. I feel lighter and at peace. Below is a testimonial for you to use.

Jane is brilliant at what she does! She is very intuitive, and easy to talk to. Jane guided me and held space for me during what was an incredibly powerful process. I was able to uncover the root cause of my current issues. After the session I felt lighter and more at peace with myself and my life. While I was surprised at what was uncovered, including experiences that I was not consciously aware of before, they also made so much sense in terms of how my life has unfolded. Identifying and understanding some of my long held beliefs was deeply healing and transformative. Know that you are in good hands with Jane, she is an absolute professional. I felt so comfortable and safe opening up. I am excited to see how the transformation and healing continues as I listen to the recording for the next 21 days. RTT works and Jane is a phenomenal therapist. If you are thinking about having a session with her, I would highly recommend that you do!


If anyone had told me two weeks ago that I would stop smoking after one hypnotherapy session with Jane, I would have laughed at them. I saw Jane’s advert at the exact right time for me to follow it up.

I have been a smoker for around 62 years, a solid one for 58 of those years. I enjoyed my cigarettes, but the cost was getting out of hand and I was feeling as if my breathing was being compromised.

In 14 days I have already noticed that my chest seems clear. I am no longer wheezing. For that alone I am grateful as I knew I was on that slippery slope.

I was surprised that I am not looking for a cigarette, but I have no urge to smoke.

I have also saved $365.00 plus by not buying cigarettes, in just 2 weeks.

To help keep me on track Jane has done a personalised relaxation audio, best to listen to when going to bed, or possibly if you feel the need to light up, listen to the audio instead.

This audio incorporates the positives from the hypnotherapy session, which is to be listened to daily for at least one month, along with emails and messages to see how I am doing on any given day.

I can also make contact with Jane if needed, 24/7 in the first month. Jane is totally committed to me stopping smoking forever.

I totally recommend hypnotherapy.